Welcome to a webpage of a family company “Bursztyn Prasowany”

Since 1969

Welcome to a webpage of a family company “Bursztyn Prasowany”. The company was founded in 1969 by Leon and Janina Drucker.

Our offer is directed mainly to producers and wholesalers of jewelry. Semi-finished products manufactured by our company can also be used as elements of eco-friendly toys, decorations of stylish furniture, advertisement gadgets and many other articles.

Technology we use ensures our products are made of exclusively natural pressed Baltic amber and contain absolutely no admixtures whatsoever.

The most popular in our production are calibrated balls and cabochons but we also produce other custom made elements of various shapes or sizes within the framework of instruments that we possess.

Due to many years of experience, our products are characterized by their high quality and and they are valued by our customers worldwide.

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Pressing is one of the known methods of processing natural amber. The process is based on usage of elevated temperature and high pressure where the material becomes malleable. In this way, it is possible to obtain ready-made elements of precise required shape. Even more often the technology is used for merging tiny granules of amber into larger plates.

The amber plates can be processed by means of traditional methods like cutting, grinding and polishing to create various shapes and items. In order to distinguish them from the products made out of one lump, they are marked as made of pressed or reconstructed amber.

The most crucial aspect of this technology is that products obtained in this way have no admixtures and consist of nothing but natural amber so their users get an opportunity of an authentic contact with this fascinating natural resin.

The confirmation of this fact may be found in Gabriela Gierłowska’s publication ‘Amber’s beauty’ where she writes: ‘It seems that (read: in the process of pressing) amber is able to renew, as its properties (apart from the shape) do not change (quoted after M. Gonzalewski).

The method of examining amber through analysis of its spectral curve in infrared (IRS analysis) shows functional groups which are identical in natural and pressed amber (quoted after B. Kosmowska-Ceranowicz). (Gabriela Gierłowska, “The beauty of amber*, Publishing House: Bursztynowa Hossa 2004 ISBN 3-917704-6-X)

It is also worth mentioning that our own observations of pressed amber products made by our company almost 50 years ago, show no changes in structure, color and brilliance.


Our offer

The foundation of our production consists of items made from pressed amber:
We would like to emphasize that thanks to our many years of experience, our products are characterized by high quality and have been appreciated by customers for years.

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