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Pressing is one of the known methods of processing an amber. The properties of the raw material are exploited in this process which is based on elevated temperature in which the material becomes plastic and can be shaped permanently under the pressure. In this way, one can obtain ready-made elements of the precise shape. However, the technology is more often exploited for merging tiny granules of an amber into larger plates from which the separate elements of jewellery and functional articles are produced by means of traditional methods as cutting, grinding and polishing. In order to distinguish them from the products made out of one lump, they are marked as products made of pressed or reconstructed amber.

As for the fact that the products that are obtained in this way have no admixtures whatsoever and consist of nothing but natural amber, their users possess the opportunity to have an authentic contact with this fascinating and natural resin. The confirmation of this fact may be found in Gabriela Gierłowska’s words who in her publication called ‘Amber’s beauty’ writes: ‘It seems that (read: in the process of pressing) amber is able to renew, as its properties (apart from the shape) do not change (quoted after M. Gonzalewski). The method of examining amber through analysis of its spectral curve in infrared (IRS analysis) shows functional groups which are identical in natural and pressed amber (quoted after B. Kosmowska-Ceranowicz). (Gabriela Gierłowska, “The beauty of amber”, Publishing House : Bursztynowa Hossa 2004 ISBN 3-917704-6-X)

It is worth mentioning that the observations of pressed amber that has been produced for almost 40 years in our studio show that they preserve their properties even after tens years since the production. So, after so long we have observed virtually no changes in the structure, colour and even brilliance.