O bursztynie prasowanym Oferta Kontakt
O nas
Dear Sir/Madam

We would like to welcome you on a webpage of the family company called “Bursztyn Pasowany”. The company was founded in 1969 by Leon and Janina Drucker. The consecutive holder of the business was Andrzej Drucker and since 1999 up to now Wiesława Drucker has been the owner of the company.

Our offer is mainly directed to producers and wholesalers of jewellery. The semi-finished products, produced by our company can also be used as the elements of eco-friendly toys, the face of the clock, a decoration of stylish furniture and many other articles.

The technology that has been incorporated since the beginning of the company allows the products to be produced exclusively from the pressed and natural amber and in this way they contain no admixtures whatsoever.
The products that are displayed in our gallery represent only the examples. The articles that are especially worth taking into consideration while surfing on this webpage are calibrated balls and cabochons which constitute the base of our production. However, we would be very pleased to produce for you the elements of various shapes or sizes within the framework of instrumentation that we possess.

We would like to stress that our products are characterized by their high quality due to many years of experience and they are highly valued by customers.

We cordially invite for cooperaton all interested in our products.